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In Defense of Objects (I)

In Defense of Objects (I) An object…makes infinity private. —Joseph Brodsky, Watermark   Unlikely winters: San Francisco and its trolley car stuck in snow, Bangkok blizzard white. Flakes shake to life, bright and insular. Cities fade in the blur of a handmade storm. Despite the dizzying effects, the eye rests there, at home in beauty’s small arcade. No sirens sound, no police sew their yellow threads to streets. The past collects on souvenirs, turning kitsch to treasure. When the Wedgwood …Read More

Closing Arguments

Closing Arguments   What can we say, O our dear Deer, but that the bare bodies of trees spring from your head. Their winter shape is all the testimony of the world— fork after fork dividing in dark threads, every possible annex to open sky. From some branch farther on, we must look lucky here— so much slant left, so many yeses and nos—we tangle ourselves in want, even the heart crosshatched with artery.   (from the chapbook, O Dear …Read More

St. Nicholas of Tolentino Confronts His Moral Ambivalence in the Buffet Line

St. Nicholas of Tolentino Confronts His Moral Ambivalence in the Buffet Line I grow weary seeing the vegetables, boiled and cut, mashed, rubbed in oil to within an inch of their pretty skins. I have loved each one of them. Roots hanging down into dirt as if the ground held an eave of icicles. I tremble at their dark reach. The carrot’s orange oblivion, the hoops of lavender around the turnip head. Or the shiny froth of kale, the way …Read More