Where Great Books Meet Great Minds
What is Muse?

Looking for some motivation to finish reading that classic title you’ve wanted to check off your list? Here is your chance! Muse is a local resource for people who read, write, or would like to talk about reading and writing, based in the eastside foothills of Los Angeles. Led by an award-winning, former university teacher, scholar, and poet, Muse introduces community members to the world’s greatest literature in small groups that meet every week for six-to-eight-week blocks to discuss and reflect on one masterwork at a time. These courses are organized much like a college seminar, but without any onerous papers to write or tests to take. Just come and enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in a single great text with other like-minded folks. Whether you’re looking to jump-start your brain, check off titles from a Great Books List, or share in the pleasure of ideas and words with a group, sign up for a course and find out what everyone’s talking about!

Muse also offers private consulting services for writers who may want to work on a writing project of their own or who may be in need of expert editing.The Muse at the Mic—a free, monthly reading series in Monrovia, California—will bring the talents of a diverse array of poets and writers directly to the community.